Jehan-i- Khayal
Jehan-i- Seema
Poetry is the first and the last passion of my
life. I began to write poetry at the age of 18
and since then I am writing both in English and
Urdu. I had started translations of Maulana
Jalal-ud-Din Rumi in 2005 and Iqbal in 2007. I
had never believed or even imagined that I'd
be able to do it, but it is His ever empowering
Divine Mercy. May I  continue with it till the
last breath of my life. Amen!
I care for sharing and I invite everyone to
share my feelings with all who listen to care.  
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All material in this site is original writing of Seema Arif. Using
it in any form of publication and print media without prior
permission will be considered against violation of rights.
While quoting in research papers proper referencing should
be used.
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